Book Review Policy

Lately I've been receiving a lot of emails from folks asking me to review a book on my blog. After sending so many of the same emails, I decided to put up a review policy. I do not consider my blog a book review blog, so reviews are often limited to just a weekly recap. It's hard to commit to more. Minor little details like teaching, parenting, and life tend to get in the way. That being said, my students and I appreciate any and all books sent our way, so here's my overall review policy written out.


Age: I am moving up to teach Language Arts in seventh grade next year. I'm happy to read any picture book, graphic novels, novels, or nonfiction books that would appeal to seventh graders - any genres.

Format: I do not review e-books or self-published books. I will read ARCs, galleys, or final copies. 

Overall reviews: Every book I read is listed on my "It's Monday" posts reviewing the books I read that week. If time allows, I'll write a more detailed review. I simply do not have the time to dedicate to detailed weekly reviews at the moment. 

Blog tours: I'm happy to do a blog tour if time allows. 

Quick note - if a book is sent to me and I can't give it at least three stars, I won't review it. I want to share the love for the books I connect with, not spend anytime tearing apart books I didn't. I am certain there is a reader for every book, thus the reason I feel no need to have negative reviews on my blog. 

All books sent to me will be placed into my classroom library after I've read them. 

Please contact me at or on Twitter at @katsok.

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